Trail Challenges on the

Because we so enjoy bringing our Friesians onto trails, we have  built a trail training course right here on our farm! 

We’ve incorporated over 35 natural obstacles that might be found on most any mountain trail as part of our training activities.        


. . . Fire Mountain Trail Training!

Below: Raye Lochert and a couple of students checking out Klondike’s Creek Crossing, which is also part of the Trail Course.

Above Right:  I am showing how well we can draw a bucket of water and take it to the next barrel . . .  Obviously we’ve been practicing!


Raye Lochert introducing the small pond to a hesitant steed

Below:  Karen Pickering from Northwest Horse Source Magazine exploring Horse Knob Hill

As we practice our equitation on these kinds of challenges with our horses, we gain better confidence and become safer on the trail. The skills and trust between horse and rider improves and the time spent together becomes even more enjoyable  ;o)



Fire Mountain Trail Course

Trail Training Motto :   Riding Well Grounded

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Please e-mail us for an appointment for your first individual visit to our Trail Course, or if you are in need of our address and driving directions to find your  way to one of our events!

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Fire Mountain Trail Course?

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This is a fun learning place!

Over 35 Trail Training Obstacles, and growing!


Available 7 days a week during daylight hours

EXCEPT when closed for special events.


Cost is $10 haul-in,  per horse,  per day

Overnight dry camping is $10 per rig per night

12’ x 12’ Horse pens $10 per day

Orientation $30


All new visitors MUST have an Orientation before being allowed to use Trail Course for personal use


Orientation is NOT required to participate

in organized events


Affordable Riding Well Grounded

Lessons & Workshop Rates

available upon request

Do you live within a reachable distance from Sedro-Woolley?


This facility is a GREAT place for group Challenge practice, Play Days, Clinics and Workshops! And YES we have lots of room for lots of rigs.  You can even stay overnight for weekend events, if you’d like - all you need is to create an event!


If you’re looking for a few hours of riding, you can head out our back gate on to miles of logging roads with lots of grassy spurs and beautiful views.


Definitely worth the trip if you are looking for something fun to do for a day or two with your horses!


All Moonlight Forest Rides are dependent on clear sky conditions!


Folks are welcome to come at 5:00 or anytime thereafter, but must arrive within 30 minutes of estimated departure times.  Estimated departure times will be announced within a few days of each event via e-mail.  Bring a lawn chair for socializing around a campfire as we wait for the moon to rise high enough in the night sky to shed light through the trees as we ride the evening’s adventure ;o)  Rides last approximately 2 hours.


Is there a Full Moon on the Calendar that your group would like to ride under?  Give us a call and we will try to make it happen for you !


Orientation is REQUIRED
for personal use of the Trail Course.
Orientation is NOT required
to participate in organized events.Please see below right for
information on our
Moonlight Forest Rides!


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Riding Well Grounded trail training articles we provide monthly to The Northwest Horse Scource’s magazine online edition.  They are sure to help you with your Obstacle Course/Trail Challenge efforts!